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This Riveting 10-Part Series Aims to Make Sense of ALL the Chaos and Confusion Happening In Our World Today! 

As Seen On...

As Seen On...

What Are Others Saying?

“I’ve never heard anything like this.”
— Susan

“I just finished watching the 10 part series. I really wish there was more. I have been extremely moved by this. Thank you.”
— Christina
“I am currently watching the love and war story and just felt I had to reach out and thank you for this new storytelling."
— Kathy
“A friend shared one episode and I passionately disagreed with the premise - but now that I’ve seen the full series so many things make sense.”
— Damian
“There are so many opinions, distractions, and noise in the world today; it's hard to decipher what is true/real anymore. episode 3 made so much sense."
— Daniel
“I am completely shocked. There is so much truth here. It's presented in a way I've never heard before."
— Chris


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  • Is escaping the earth on rocket ships the answer? 😅
  • ​Should we be looking to make contact with aliens? 👽
  • ​​Does heaven or hell even exist? 🤔
  • ​​Who or what can we trust? 🤐


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